The premier trade show for the biobased industries is cancelled

Due to the challenging economic environment, registrations for BiobasedWorld lacked far behind the expected numbers. Thus, we have now acted and cancelled the trade show that had been scheduled to take place in February 2017 in Cologne.            

The low oil price, a volatile overall economic environment: The biobased economy is currently facing some challenges. This has affected registrations to BiobasedWorld, too: Three months before the scheduled kick-off, the numbers are far below the expectations. “A number of very renowned companies have signed up for the show”, said Dr. Marlene Etschmann, Project Manager Biobased World at DECHEMA Ausstellungs-GmbH. “But we had to acknowledge that many companies thought the concept was very interesting, but were reluctant to participate in a first-of-its-kind event.” Thus, despite much regret the decision was made to defer the organization of the show indefinitely. BiobasedWorld was intented as the first pure trade show for the biobased industries.

“The biobased industry is developing very well in some areas”, said Prof. Dr. Kurt Wagemann, Executive Director of DECHEMA e.V., in a first comment to the cancellation. “But in some areas, it is suffering from the difficult business environment. We are still convinced that the industry requires more networking, as established value chains can not be transferred 1:1 to the bioeconomy. But for an integrated trade show, the time may not be ripe yet.” DECHEMA will nevertheless continue to promote exchange between different stakeholders of the bioeconomy through other activities and events. 

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